5 ways to save money with shipping locally


Moving goods across town can be a daunting task. When you have to rent a moving van or coordinate with a friend to borrow their truck, moving can turn into a real chore. But what it there was a faster, cheaper, and insured way to get your goods across town? With Haulor there is! Here’s how Haulor can make your next move or trip to the hardware store much easier:


  1. It is cheaper and quicker than renting someone else’s equipment. Whether you have to rent a moving truck or make multiple trips, time is not only money, but it is also preventing you from enjoying your new home or stuff. With Haulor, one of our insured and vetted drivers can get your things across town the same day, you can even book a driver in advance for convenience.


  1. You can bring home new furniture or handle your move in one easy step in the same day. While some stores offer home delivery, you still have to wait for the goods. After spending hours at the store shopping for the perfect couch, you’re ready to relax on it at home. With a Haulor driver, you can have your things delivered not only the same day, but in some cases a few hours. What will you do with the extra time to relax?


  1. Moving isn’t always everyone’s favorite thing to do and sometimes your friend with the truck isn’t available the day you need him/her. Whether your new couch won’t fit in your hatchback or you don’t want to make multiple trips for your move, you can be matched up with a Haulor drive that has the type of vehicle you need when you need it.


  1. Renting a moving truck can be expensive. Between the milage charge, upfront costs, gas, insurance, and other fees, you’re spending a lot of money during your move. That’s not to mention the time cost of going to the rental office and filling out forms. With Haulor, you can not only reserve a truck for the time and date you need, but you can also negotiate the price with the driver. After all, when you’re moving you’re trying to save money and Haulor can help!


  1. Whether you’re moving across town or just bought some new big ticket items, you not only want them delivered safely but you’d like for them to be insured for the time on the road. Renters insurance might not cover all of your items and some might not be under warranty. With Haulor, your items are insured for the move and the cost is built into the already low fare!


So what are you waiting for? You’re always going to need a hand moving and with the holidays around the corner you can get everything shipped at a low cost. Join the hundreds of users already on Haulor and save money today! Download the iOS or the Android app today!