5 ways how business can save on shipping cost

5 ways to save on your business shipping costs


As the saying goes, time is money. As a business owner, you understand full well that a lag in either can cost big money down the line and potentially hurt your reputation. One of the biggest and often overlooked aspects of running a business is shipping. While you are an expert at what you do, Haulor is an expert in the arena of shipping, and we can help boost and maintain your reputation with your customers. Here’s how:


  1. You can accomplish rapid across town same day delivery, something that can give you an edge over the bigger box and online stores. With all of the competition from e-commerce sites, any leg-up that you can gain will be a critical advantage. By being able to deliver your products faster than your larger competitors, your reputation and profit margins will soar. With certified and insured Haulor drivers, delivering to your customers has never been faster.


  1. You can track your shipments in real time and let the customer know their product will be there within the hour in some cases. With the Haulor app, you can literally watch your driver on the map and confirm the moment your product is delivered. This will let you confirm with the customer and positive reviews will spread quickly through word-of-mouth, the life blood of small business.


  1. You won’t need to figure out shipping regulations and restrictions. As government and consumer regulations become more strict, you won’t have to worry about keeping informed and ahead of what and how much you can ship. That’s where Haulor comes in. We stay ahead of the compliance trends to ensure that your products are delivered as quickly, efficiently, and legally.


  1. Insuring your products during the shipment has never been more convenient or cost-effective. Navigating the tricky waters of insurance policies and signing off on endless documents can take you away from doing what you do best, running your business. With a Haulor driver, the insurance cost is already included in the already low fare. You can even negotiate prices with your driver putting you in total control of the shipment.


  1. You won’t have to make all those pesky trips to the post office. Anything that takes you away from your business is potentially losing you money and putting your company’s reputation at risk. As orders come in, taking all of the products to the store or waiting for their pickup means that your attention is moved away from making more customers. With Haulor, not only can you schedule when your products get picked up, but you can get them delivered across town within a few hours.


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