Tech Start Up Haulor® Offers New Ways For Drivers To Make Money, Businesses & People To Save On Local Shipping


San Diego, California November 28, 16 – Haulor, a new mobile application that allows users to ship personal and professional items, announced today their launch into the San Diego market. Like ride sharing apps currently in use, Haulor was designed for ease of use for drivers and users alike.

Haulor focuses on an overlooked need to bring both expedience and convenience to the world of shipping and moving. With the need for fast, secure, and insured transportation of goods affecting both businesses and people alike, the app was designed to ensure those transportation needs were met.  

Through a simple and easy-to-use interface, Haulor pairs certified and insured drivers with users based on proximity, physical transportation needs, and availability. The goal was to create an app that facilitated quick and easy transportation for users while simultaneously providing drivers an opportunity to make money.

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For drivers new to the app, the user experience will feel a lot like other ride sharing apps they’re already familiar with. As many drivers have experienced in the past, there are times where the market has become so diluted with other drivers that picking up fares can prove difficult. Often times, they are using these apps to either supplement income or they are used as a primary source. Regardless of the extent, drivers are always on the lookout to make extra money.

Haulor addresses this concern through several different channels. The first being that it is another app that drivers can use to supplement income while waiting for fares with other apps. Secondly, it allows the driver to be scheduled for pick ups so that they can control and plan their driving day. Another means of income is that the pick ups will be during normal business hours, the usual down-time for other apps.

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The app also put a great deal of care into design for the consumer side as well. Taking into account that businesses and people need things shipped everyday but do not have the time to go through more traditional means, the Haulor app was set up in a way to facilitate their needs quickly and in the most cost-effective manner possible.

For businesses, the challenge has always been in logistics. Finding a way to ship their products quickly and securely to their consumers is vital to their continued growth and prosperity. And when taking into account the rise of e-commerce companies and the convenience of online shopping, the need to be competitive has never been greater.

Like the drivers they will utilize, the advantages to businesses come in several different ways as well. The first is that the goods that they ship are insured up to one million dollars on the event of something unforeseen occurring. Secondly, they have the ability to track the shipment in real time allowing for peace-of-mind and possible real-time follow up with their customer. In most cases, same day across town delivery is available letting a business guarantee same day delivery, a perk that large corporations can not always promise. Thirdly, the issue of figuring out shipping regulations and restrictions is handled through the app.

By matching what needs to be shipped with a driver capable of delivering, the app ensures that the business does not need to get mired down with figuring out laws and regulations.

For everyday users, Haulor designed the app around making shipping and transportation easy based on their needs as well. Typically, the issue most often dealt with is moving personal goods to a new home. The challenges by utilizing traditional means can also be several fold.

Firstly, people often get often need to rent a moving truck. There is always a considerable amount of both time and money that goes into that pursuit and often when moving, the person is on a fixed budget. Another challenge that arises is scheduling and the time constraint. While the move date is known, it is not always easy to schedule a moving truck or have a friend help you out with theirs.

The Haulor app was designed to not only be easy to use, but also took the main issues faced by a user into account. Not only can a truck be rented quickly and securely, but the things moved are also insured. Additionally, a move date can be scheduled in advance and the price of the move negotiated with the responding driver.

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Haulor is a mobile and desktop application that has revolutionized the way that businesses and people can ship goods. Through its’ state-of-the-art platform, the app functions in a way that is user friendly and allows drivers and users to set up, schedule, pay and deliver good

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